Wax Vending LLC

Wax Vending started with the mission of providing total waxess through the installation of purpose built surf wax vending machines.

In our pursuit, we asked:
- What can we do to make this profitable for surf shops?
- How can we sustain the flow of wax?
- Who else stands to benefit?

Wax Vending machines are wall mounted outside local surf shops and provide surfers with 24 hour access to surfboard wax year round. They are mechanical, constructed from anodized aluminum, insulated, ventilated and built to withstand the elements.

Vending wax for $1.00 and require zero electricity to operate, Wax Vending machines offer a reliable and desirable service to dozens of local surf communities.

Wax Vending is a reliable source for wax 24 hours a day.
FOR SURF SHOPS a service to the community and a source of income.
it's the chance to engage a core aduience.

Machine Specifications